How To Make Money With Classified Ads Sites

How To Make Money With Classified Ads Sites-There are a number of ways to make money with classified ads sites. As with any websites you have many different options and ways of using and monetising  them.

Some Possible Ways Of Monetising Your Classified Ads Websites.

1. Paid Classified Advertising Sites -You Charge A Fixed Fee Or A Percentage For Anyone Listing A Classified Ad On Your Website.

2. Upgrade Option- Offer a featured Ad for a period of time usually 30 Days where someone’s Advertisment can be featured with a picture on the top of your website for a fixed fee.

3. Free Advertising- Offering Completely Free Classified Ad Listings With An Option To Upgrade To A Paid Featured Ad.

4. Adsense Placements- Placing Content Ads In Various Placements On The Pages On Your Website To Generate Commissions From Google When People Click On Your Advertisements

5. Adsense Link Ads- Placing Link Ads In Various Locations On Your Website To Generate A Commission From Visitors To Your Website  Clicking On Advertisements.

6. Adsense For Search- Placing one or two search boxes in locations on your website so when someone does a Google search and then clicks a link on the results page you get paid a commission per click .

7. Infolinks- Infolinks are In Text Ads that change colour when they are clicked on by a visitor to your website you also get paid a small amount every time someone clicks on a link ad.

8. Clickbank Products- Listing clickbank affiliate product links and banners with your affiliate link so you get paid a commission normally 30-70% when anyone buys a product via your clickbank affiliate link.

9. Other various affiliate programmes there are thousands of them just Google Affiliate Products To Sell to find out more of them.

10. Amazon  Products – You can also place Amazon  links to products on your sites to generate Amazon Commissions.

Top Tip If You Want To Automate Your Clickbank And Adsense Affiliate Links Here Is A Useful Plugin Autoblogging Plugin

Wanting to setup your own classified ads website find out how
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