How To Get More Subscribers For Your Business

Hi this is Sotiris Bassakaropoulos  from Northern Ireland in this evenings podcast I want to talk about how to get more subscribers for your business. whether you’re already marketing online or have been for a while or whether you are just new to having an online business. I  want  you  to know that it is very important to buildup  subscribers interested in your niche your products and services.  People who are interested in what you have to talk about.

When people start an online business they don’t start at the very beginning to build up a List of subscribers.   Many people still believe that they can collect thousands of  email addresses and using gmail they can email all these people. That is really that  sending above 50 emails  via gmail at a time will get you blacklisted as a spammer and  your  emails won’t  actually get through the spam filters.

So what would you would need to do if you haven’t already done this. Is you need to have an autoresponder  like Aweber  where people can come and optin to your list via an subscribe form or capture page. Offering them something maybe some information. Or offering something free in exchange for  subscribing to your email list.  Another factor you can use to get people to opt in to your list is curiosity many people will opt in if they are curious to see what is on the other side.


Once you then have these people on your list you can email thousands of them at a time as long as they have subscribed and you are using a proper autoresponder software. There is quite a number of different autoresponders that you can use just make sure you use a reputable one.  You can see some of them at .   If you are with a good autoresponder company they will get your emails delivered and they won’t end up in spam just make sure you do not use free email addresses as your from addresss.  You can get a paid email service here I have been using this one for about ten years now.

Alternatively you can buy a domain name from go daddy and a hosting account and create an email address that way though I do think it is much more difficult especially for a beginner.  And that’s one thing you should start as soon as you start your business. Build a mailing list this is one of the most common and biggest mistakes most people with an online business do.   Not building a mailing or subscriber list soon enough.

You really really should get one. 🙂

The other good thing about having an autoresponder is  you can go and preload it with messages.   There is nothing to stop you setting up messages for the next week that will last you ten years.   If you decide to write a monthly email for 10 years you need to write a total of 120 emails.  There is no reason why you couldn’t do this in a couple of weeks or even outsource it for someone else to do for you.


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