How To Create A Successful Internet Marketing Plan Part 1

Hey there! This is Eddys Velasquez, author and creator of and I want to show you “How To Create A Successful Internet Marketing Plan” If you haven’t downloaded these F’ree Worksheets yet then go ahead and go to http and download them 🙂 Also for the AMAZING tool Traffic Geyser..go here..You’ll LOVE it! Read on to make sure YOU are not making this little mistake – This is a MUST READ for all beginner internet marketers..and intermediate marketers..and yes even some proficient marketers as well Hey there! Eddys Velasquez here again teaching you how to reach Successful Internet Marketing There is a little mistake that many internet marketers make online. That mistake is : (Not having an Internet Marketing Plan) They are not spending enough time on money making activities! Now what do I mean by money making activities? A money making activity is ANY activity that gives you money..for example creating a video that generates leads or writing a blogpost that generates leads etc. Im sad to say that most internet marketers out there spend way too much time checking their emails and browsing the net doing a little here and there but never really having a strong focus on a goal that they would like to accomplish. Now hopefully you are not nodding your head right now thinking that is what I do, but if you are dont worry because I am here to help YOU It DOES NOT matter how much you know about internet marketing because if you dont have an Internet Marketing

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