How To Be Broke And Stupid And End Up As A Full Time Employee

How To Be Broke, Stupid And End Up As A Full Time Employee

Today I want to talk about the concept of advertising but sometimes people just don’t get it..  Like Jim Said how bad can it get?

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I have lost count of the number of times I have come across people who hate selling or advertising.  This is too salesy oooh they are trying to sell me something.

The truth is no matter how much you think you hate selling my friend.  You would not be on this page today without some selling.  What made you click on this link.

How did your father sell your mother on how sexy she or he was??  You were born weren’t you to be here with us today.   Do you resent that?  Because if everyone was like you then there are many reasons why you wouldn’t be here.

The fact is that in order for anyone to make money a sale has to be made.  You may argue with that but that’s how money or value is created.  Of course, you can also be an employee a kind of voluntary slave.  But in order to pay the slaves some sales need to be made.

Unless you are of course willing to slave for free? The only way to sell products and services is by hard selling picking up telephone making a list like what the MLM Dinosaurs marketers would tell you.

Or else just putting something out there in front of people.  Sounds too easy right well the truth is even if you are the type of person who claims to hate selling.   I can guarantee you that people like to buy stuff!

New Car, New House, New Clothes, A Holiday, Holiday Home, and the list goes on forever..  A few years ago I noticed Google and one of their top employees NOTE THE WORD EMPLOYEE !!! Not someone who makes money by selling or through business but by being a company slave (Licking Butt) Oops was that a misprint?

I remember a few years ago when I had about 650 websites there were quite a lot of updates from my different sites that used to go onto Facebook automatically via a feed.   I was making a lot of commissions from these sites one day I had a friend message me she said that she could see too many updates coming from me.

The funny thing was she had started doing stuff online but wasn’t making any money and couldn’t figure out why. When I went to her Facebook wall was all chat about her day. Where she had been what she did of course there was nothing to click on to buy even to optin and get something for free.

I replied to her unfortunately for you I make a lot of money from affiliate products and advertising without sharing blog post links or having ads on my websites.   I wouldn’t be affiliate marketing I would be working as an employee.

So I have a choice I can delete all my banners not offer any products and services for sale and be broke…  And find myself a job working for someone who is making sales by whatever means.

Or you can unfriend me on Facebook and that way you won’t see any updates ..

Instead of unfriending me, it helped her realise why she wasn’t making anything from her website and she was actually very grateful for the point I made. 🙂  And she has stuck up for me in a few heated FB posts quite a few times since then 😉

Yes, I do know a few top marketers who talk about not sending links on Facebook.  But the truth is they made their first money online by creating youtube videos and putting links on Facebook and Twitter.  And the reason why they don’t have to put links on their Facebook profiles or blogs now is because they spend thousands of dollars a month.

With their Facebook ads spam 🙂 or email spam but then again that is why they make millions of dollars while people who gossip and chat on FB are broke.  And working a job so decide which one you want to be and above all use common sense.. 😉

The choice is entirely yours my friend


How To Be Broke, Stupid And End Up As A Full-Time Employee

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