How do I find people who can maintain my blog or website?

How do I find people who can maintain my blog or website?

Well of course firstly it actually depends on your blog and the content you want, It also depends on how you feel about the content if it is your brand and you have certain views or experiences some writers may not put this across when posting on your blog.

If you can get past this first issue then you can start looking in various places for a writer or blogger who can maintain your blog for you.

Here are a few places you may want to look

  1. Someone who has written a guest post on your blog or website in the past and created some really good interesting relevant content for your readers.
  2. Some of the virtual assistant websites like or Upwork | Hire Freelancers. Make things happen.
  3. Another place to look would be Fiverr I would suggest going through the profile and reviews very carefully before ordering, you may need to order from 5 or 10 different writers before you actually find one that suits your writing style or can write well enough for your niche.
  4. You could also look for Facebook groups about writing and look for writers that you could approach about creating content for your blog or website.

Once you find one or two people who are good writers and they satisfy your writing requirements then you should offer them regular work and get them to do the things necessary to maintain your blog, you will probably need more than one person if you are not planning on doing anything at all on your blog.

As you will need someone to update and maintain links and graphics, opt-in-pages and mailing list as well as SEO. If you can not take a few hours per week out of your schedule to deal with this.

I tend to find if you have good writers and Call To Actions ETC created for your blog or website then it doesn’t take much effort to share the links and maintain the rest. As long as you have a good writer publishing frequently/regularly on your blog/website and they create and publish a guest post on a high-quality blog with a link back to your website from time to time.

If you are looking for someone to create professional content for your blog or website you could also visit WeCreateYourContent.Com  there you will find blog and article writers, editors,  voiceover creators, Professional Video Creation Services, and Guest Posting Services to help you build your business on the Internet.

How do I find people who can maintain my blog or website?

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