Have you booked this yet?

Have you booked this yet?

If you haven’t been directly effected, it’s
likely you know someone who has.

Small business owners everywhere have been
scrambling to understand all the recent
changes to Visa/Mastercard, Google as well as
the new FTC regulations.

If you sell anything online, you need to be
aware of these changes so that you not only
comply, but so that you also excel in the new

The good news is, on March 12th, 13th and
14th, all of these questions will be answered
in great detail.

By the end of the 3 days you’ll know exactly
what you can and can’t do – along with a
gameplan of what you should do next.


You’ll learn all kinds of other powerful
strategies like:

– How to dominate your “local search”

– Why your “marketing sequence” is likely
killing your conversions – and an easy method
for quickly fixing it

– How to REALLY leverage social media tools
like Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz

– THE most effective (and highest converting)
salesletter you should use

– Why Microsoft Bing is quickly becoming the
“go-to” place for pay per click marketing and
how you can easily stay ahead of your

– and much more!

Where is this being shared?

At a 3-day intensive called Armand Live.

Armand Live

It’s all taking place March 12th, 13th and
14th in Losa Angeles, CA.

You can find out all the details here:

Armand Morin Live



P.S  This entire 3-day intensive is taught by
one person – can you tell who it is from this

Armand Live

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