Have you a business that you can run from anywhere?

I am currently crossing on the boat from Dublin To Holyhead and I thought while the kids are watching a movie it would be a great quiet opportunity to write a blog post.

Recently I have been so busy helping people create their own business online, sometimes it is difficult setting aside time to work on my own business systems.

We are crossing on Stenaline so far the crossing has been smooth and everyone is great.

Can you run your business from anywhere

We have another couple of hours to go on the boat, then we arrive in Holyhead and have to drive to Harwich to get our second boat over to Hooke in Holland.

I tried to get some sleep as I only got a couple of hours last night, but haven’t been feeling in the mood to sleep.

Have another 7-hour drive to do after this boat trip. then when we get on board the second boat we will be going into our cabins and hitting the sack for 7 or 8 hours to recover.

The sad thing is many people quit on following through on building their own business that can give them financial freedom, no matter what is happening in the economy or with jobs, there will always be multiple opportunities to make money online.

The secret to being able to create a work-life balance is creating multiple passive income streams so you don’t have to worry about losing or quitting your job.  No matter what happens or where you are the income will continue to roll in.

I see multiple people starting blogs and quitting before they ever get started properly, lack of discipline and commitment means they will continue to fumble around often hopping from opportunity to opportunity never creating a real business just joining other peoples businesses often making very little or mediocre incomes after spending many hundreds or thousands of dollars.

I call them opportunity hoppers, these people have huge opportunities right in front of their eyes, but due to lack of knowledge or information, they never get anywhere. As they prefer to hop to the next shiny business opportunity.

By doing this they often don’t commit to anything and the majority of these people never create a good solid business that actually works online. I come across them on a daily basis.

If you are serious and are committed to the making money online niche and not a quick one-hit wonder looking for a FREE Gift then feel free to schedule  a Free 30 Minute Digital Marketing Strategy Session by visiting AskSotiris.Com/BookNow

Please leave at least 5 days before scheduling your appointment as I will be driving through Europe the next few days so it will be a few days before I get in the office in my house so I can sit down and schedule a proper call with you.




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