Why are all the Guru’s Copying Empower Network

Why are all the Guru’s Copying Empower Network

Woman with peace sign or bunny ears over meditating Guru's headLet’s face it when Empower Network hit the scene a while it turned Network And Affiliate Marketing Upside down.  For the first time ever people where able to get paid what they where worth instead of chasing weeny $20 Commissions. Recently Empower Network made some changes to also increase the amount or level of passups and also an additional  marketing tool to make it attractive to traditional network marketing teambuilders as well.   As Empower Network continues to innovate all the so called Guru’s are copying Empower while running them down to their client’s ( Maybe they are running scared)

I have recently seen at least 4 well known marketers trying to copy their affiliate and 100% Commission system but the truth is!  It’s not the same!

1. They don’t have the same community

2. The Guru’s Goals are not to make 100 New Millionaires a year ( More like make them a 100 Million themselves)

3. The Guru’s are blatantly (TRYING) to copy Empower Networks teachings trainings commission systems but no matter what they do it will never be the same.

4. I just read a report from a top affiliate marketer offering a EN like business 100% commission on first sale  but is the passup commission plan the same? Of course not.

5. The truth is there are so many people looking to make a quick buck in Internet and Affiliate Marketing and the truth is with that mentality most of them will be or soon go broke.

6. There are other people who believe in their goals believe in their vision and are willing to work their butt off well after all the pussies have quit and run home with their tail between their legs?

7. Question is are you going to be one of them?

8 Will you quit on your dreams or go back to some boss to take orders and sell your life in return for temporary job security ?

9. Or you could join one of the BS Guru’s who are trying to copy businesess that set the standard for changing peoples lives and tell you they will make you rich.

10. One thing I can guarantee you is once you have paid the guru’s all your money you are on your own my friend.

11. No team around to help you in fact to be blunt as far as most of the gurus’s go they do not give a fuck about you.

12. So after you enroll for guru training you are once again on your own till the next guru comes along.

13. So my friend are you looking for another Guru?  Or are you looking for a team of people who want to help you to grow all your incomes together for the good of everyone.


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Why are all the Guru’s Copying Empower Network

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