Green Energy Sources- Interview With Leon Barnard

Green Energy Sources- Interview With Leon Barnard

Green Energy Sources- Interview With Leon Barnard
Green Energy Sources- Interview With Leon Barnard

1.What does ATRE actually mean?

Earth Ambient Temperature Resistant Electricity

2. Leonard what is your vision for ATRE in the future?

What I envisioned is to built a range of applications for this technology of course every entrepreneur starts with only the first product that you want to commercialise and then test your market. And see how widely you can scale the technology.  I believe this technology is extremely scaleable so that we can eventually bring it down to the size of our laptop computers to power a laptop. You can also scale it to a larger size to eventually power a household. So you have no need to connect to a utility company anymore and pay those bills.   Let us fund this and get the public behind us.  I also want to attract more talented people to be able to streamline these processes in the future.

3. What actually gave the idea in the first place to create the ATRE energy system.

The idea started two years ago when I bought some solar panels and installed them in my place . To help reduce my electricity bills here in British Columbia in Canada.  Of course we get terrible weather here in British columbia so it can rain for months on end, you don’t see the sun for quite a few months.    We can get heavy dark rain clouds and we also get very short days so the solar panels did not live up to my expectations. They only produced about 20% of the potential that I required.   I didn’t come across it by accident it was always something I was fooling around with.

4. What is your background that gave you the experience to discover this system

My background is I was an electro mechanical technician for many years so I have 50% electricity knowledge and 50% mechanical.

5. Is there much machinery involved and is there anything that can or does go wrong?

The system I envision will look like your fridge. The fridge will contain all the ATRE panels and a battery bank.  The idea is so you can go to your appliance store buy your ATRE package which will look like and be about the size of a fridge you plug it in to your electricity supply.  There will be several battery banks built into the system while the battery banks are charging it

6. Have you any idea of what the cost of an ATRE system will be?

I would like people to be able to acquire these units for half the cost of A fridge.

7. Are there any drawbacks to using the energy system is there anything you need or don’t have which needs to be improved,

I believe I need and that the reason for my crowdfunding campaign is to be able to attract the talents to this concept so we can take what I have today and take them one step further.



Link to ATRE Power Stations Development website –

Link to crowd fund campaign –

Green Energy Sources- Interview With Leon Barnard

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