Get More Seo Internet Marketing Juice And Convert More Internet Traffic

Get More SEO Internet Marketing Juice and convert More Traffice For Your Web Site Ken Karnack | March 6, 2010

Over the years of building web sites if there is one thing that I learned, is that you have to be on your toes.  Most of the competition around your company is trying to find a good SEO Internet Marketing tip or SEO Certified Guru to help get their site above your.  Once you start adding content and numerous blog pages that have hundreds of keywords that relate to your web site and business, you will start to see more traffic and learn how to convert.
SEO, (search engine optimization) is a tricky game.

Improving your SEO on page and SEO off page efforts are done through a few top tactics that you must learn.

Content is King
Google likes back links
Blog, Blog, Blog
Strong Call To Action

Following these simple tactics will really help get your site optimized in Google and rank higher than your competition over time.  You need something for your customers or the tire kickers out there to “move”.  They need something compelling to make them act to either fill out a form, contact you and ask questions about your service, a phone number, pay button, or anything that gets them to buy your service or talk to you.  

How Important is a Good Header for SEO Internet Marketing

A good header or at least a picture or your service or you, means a lot to a customer.  Imagine driving down the road and you see a run down store with no sign, just a name out front.  Then you drive a little more and see another store, same service, yet with a bright sign and clean front, bright colors.  Where would you most likely go?  exactly…  

Here is a quick guide to better Header for Your Internet Marketing

Well designed logo or pictureA Compelling TaglineGood Look & FellSite NavigationPhone and or Contact Info Does Your Copy & Content Match your Message and Your Realivent Keywords Good content and good keywords in your pages make all the difference to getting found online. You need to do your homework on keywords before you jsut go out there in cyberspace and blast words all over the place.  If your not sure how to do SEO optomize your site, click here. Not everyone that comes to your site wil buy that day, so you need some way for them to either ask a question or have a form to fill out that builds your list.  

How To Make a Strong Call To Action

A strong call to action is one of the best ways to attract new customers via your web site and SEO efforts.  Asking for all of personal information is not the best way for a stranger to give yo information. You need to ask in a soft manner until they like you, know you, and trust you!  Then it is fair to ask for business.  Most people are looking for your service, but your not the only one out their selling what you have.  Add in your testimonials, references, works, and portfolios.  People want to see who you are, and who you do business with before making a purchase.

SEO Call To Action Check List

Newsletter sign up formsAny Guarantees You OfferTestimonials or PortfolioAny Sales or Valuable OffersMake your “MOST COMPELLING OFFER ABOVE THE FOLD”A Visible Contact LinkNewsletter sign up form placed above the fold.Sign up message right blow your personal guarantee.Order buttons placed right under the testimonials.
Most SEO Internet Marketing companies have created nice website only to leave the customer with a site that was never indexed and can’t get found in Google.  Make sure that you ask about the SEO techniques that your SEO Guy wil add to your site, On and Off Page SEO.

Now The Mac Daddy of SEO Back Links

The back links are a great way for you to get your site in full launch mode.  The only downside is that you can’t index your site inside the mind of Google.  Make sure you know where your links are coming from if you pay for them and don’t fall for the .10cent links.  They carry a low PR rank and are just a link.

You want back links to have a high PR for rankings. PR ranks start at 0-10, 10 being the best.

How do I get My SEO Efforts to the Top of Google?

Write good copy, blog, blog, blog, add a call to action, and add back links with hogh PR ratings.  Do that over and over a hundred times and you will be half way there. 
Want More SEO Internet Juice For Your Web Site?

SEO Internet Juice

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