EyeSave.com Launches Sunglasses Tip Site at LifeTips.com

EyeSave.com Launches Sunglasses Tip Site at LifeTips.com

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) February 10, 2006

LifeTips announces the launch of the Sunglasses Tip Site in the LifeTips network, providing tips to millions of information seekers at LifeTips.com. EyeSave.com will become the exclusive Sunglasses client in the LifeTips network.

“There is more to sunglasses that fashion,” stated Byron White, President of LifeTips. “This Sunglasses Tip Site will be the perfect place for consumers to find everything they need from prescription glasses to UV protection.”

Sample Sunglasses Tip:

Designer Sunglasses

Designer sunglasses come from high-fashion designers who have also decided to break into the sunglasses market making, for example, Chanel Sunglasses, Christian Dior Sunglasses, Gucci Sunglasses, and more. They are traditionally worn for more fashionable and stylish occasions, rather than in active sports and recreation. They often have oversized lenses and ornate frames that can be metal, plastic, or polycarbonate. The frames are often decorated with designs or even precious or semi-precious jewels.

About EyeSave.com

With a vision that the internet is the way of the future, one savvy young techie/marketing guru convinced his friend, who had over ten years experience in the optical industry, that they should join forces using their combined expertise to create a retail website. EyeSave.com was launched in 1998 as a grassroots effort to offer discount eyewear to the online shopper.

About LifeTips.com

LifeTips offers content solutions and link strategy that help clients earn trust and build relationships with new customers, drive more traffic to their web sites, and improve conversions and increase sales. Over 500+ writers create content for the company’s 200+ Tip Sites and for clients’ web sites and informational marketing campaigns. The company was founded by Byron White in 2000 and has success well documented in many major publications.

With proper attribution and a link to the appropriate source, media representatives are free to use tips from any of the Tip Sites at LifeTips, including the Sungalsses Tips® (http://Sunglasses.lifetips.com).

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