Empower Network VS Other Business Opportunities

Empower Network VS Other Business Opportunities


I was watching a Live Empower Network Event in Charlotte  was watching John Lavenia speak and what he said just hit me..

I was looking at other online business opportunities and looking at Empower Network the other business opportunities where down low and Empower Network was up there on a pedestal.

That is exactly what my Empower Network business is to me there is no other business that comes close to Empower Network.  No other business with the trainings the community.

The team spirit, no other leader in MLM that I have seen with the Vision of David Wood. Apart from an Amazing Team high quality trainings. There is no other business I have ever been in with the amazing compensation plan of Empower Network.Network Marketing or MLM companies

They pay out 100% commissions on lots of their products. That means when you join Empower Network by the time you get your second customer you have already covered the cost of your Empower Network Blog.

Although some companies have tried to copy Empower Networks compensation plan. I have yet to see a company where you can make so much money by bringing so few people into your business.

In many Network Marketing or MLM Companies you need to bring in tens, hundreds in some cases even thousands of people into your organisation just to get your money back..  Never mind to make a profit.

There are some delusional people out there selling $47 products thinking they are going to get rich making 50% commissions on these products. Many of them try to put down EN even if they have no clue or never joined the business or bought the products.

What I can tell you from what I have seen of the majority of these people are broke or making a few dollars a month and cannot recognise they do not have a proper business.  Yes you can get good trainings but if the owners of the company are geting rich on $45 commissions from 50% commission payouts.

It is going to take a heck of a lot of sales to make any type of money . When you compare that to being in a business where people are committed will invest up to $5000 in their business per person.

And be able to make one all in sale monthly and make  $5000 in a month there is no comparison. Than trying to make  223  $45 sales a month in fact to think you will get rich with method two you would need to be a lunatic..  Yes for a few dollars extra income it’s great.. For some training or to mingle with other likeminded people it’s great.  But that is it my friends, I do weekly training hangouts feel free to go and visit one of them and find out what we are doing in our business

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Empower Network VS Other Business Opportunities

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