Define Internet Marketing When Your A Newbie

I know how it is i been there, asking myself “how can i make money online”? So I would start searching on google desperate for an answer and then I would be bombarded with all these new ideass I’ve never heard of. One of those i first came across was indeed internet marketing and to be honest it was the best search I ever searched in my life. As I explored its definiton a bit further,  i’ve read definitions like it obviously means “marketing of products and services over the internet“. Simply promoting online products and services sorta like having a virtual business. Then I thought to myself, “How does that work”? Well, there’s actually many different internet marketing methods to market or sell products online but you should learn about these terms first.

Basically, the most popular way to market online is using a method called affiliate marketing. Every beginner in internet marketing should start with this method because most importantly it is investment-free meaning no fees to start, and they are millions of affiliate products that you can sell. Affiliate marketing if you didn’t know, means “marketing of affiliate products and services“. Affiliate products are products that you sell for a sale percentage. From 5% commission to up to 75% depending on the program or site that you sign up for.

As a beginner you probably have no clue how to sell a product online. Every person that sells an affiliate product online uses a website,blog or article to promote it. On a low budget i wouldn’t expect you to have a website to promote because its not free. On the other hand, blogs and articles are free and no website design experience is required to set it up. A new method is born when you promote with an article, it is called article marketing. This is by far the easiest way to make money online period. I currently make a full time living doing this and it only took me a week to make my first sale.

Not everyone can hop onto the web and have cash rolling in. I had to learn the hard way getting scammed by so many “get rich” programs but if someone tells you that you can make a million dollars in a month, they just want your money.

Article marketing has got me to quit my 9 to 5 full time job. Really anyone can be successful at it because its so simple. I’m assuming with from your curiousity to visit this article that you want to get into internet marketing. All you need is a good mentor to hold your hand and tell you everything there is to know. I was lost like nemo before i found this great internet marketing program that literally explained everything step by step. Just watch this great video and the rest will speak for itself.


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