Dad Died On My Mums Birthday! 27Th December 2009

Dad Died On My Mums Birthday! At 7am on the 27th 0f December 2009 I got a call from my dads wife telling me he died. After 19 days of fighting.My dad was always a fighter although we used to argue about silly things all the time  .

My Dad  was very courageous and I admired and looked up to him for that.All I can think about was his voice with his Greek accent and his amazing personality and the fact that he has gone from this world.All I can think of are the good times we had together the movies we watched,playing badminton squash and table tennis with him.Going to restaurants every Sunday and the Greek food he used to cook for me and taught me to cook,I wish those days could come back I really don’t know why it had to end so soon. He was only 62, last month he came with his wife Jean we had a meal had a great night.Little did I know it would be our last meal together.

I went to the Christopher Howard Event in Dublin a few months ago we had to visualise our dreams and future plans. I wanted a huge villa in Greece By the side of a mountain overlooking the sea.I visualised my family around the table by the pool in 2013.But when I looked all  I could see the family and  my dad’s gravestone I was very upset by this but it has happened now.My sister Nantia came over from Greece to see dad last week. His last words to her where Nantia I am dying.The nurse was talking about the cold weather outside and said to my dad you are ok in the heat to which my dad muttered not for long.these things will remain in my mind for the rest of my life.

All I want to say Dad if you are listening is I love you I miss You and I want to play this song for you and me as for me the words of the song say  it all.Whenever I look at Sotiris JNR and his personality I see you, a rebel and a fighter We will always remember you Dad! I love You.We all love you!

From Your Son Sotiris, Nantia, Your Grandsons Aristotle,Stellios and Sotiris Junior and your daughter in law Ivelina

Sotiros Stavros Bassakaropoulos

Died 27th December 2009

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