Come Back For Christmas Dad!

Come Back For Christmas Dad

Yesterday I got a phonecall my dad was rushed into hospital.I waited for a long time in fact I was sent to the wrong part of the hospital. As he was having an operation it was completely unexpected,in fact I was and am shocked. As we waited for him coming out of the operating theatre we saw other people being pushed in beds fully conscious.I am very scared of stuff like that.And can not imagine the thoughts that must have been going through those peoples heads as they were pushed through those double doors.

We waited for 6 hours before we actually got in to visit my dad. He looked very bad in fact he looked like my 80 year old grandpa looked shortly before he died. The doctor did not give us a very positive outlook.As it was caused by a burst vein inside my dads gullet. The moral of my story is life is very short and time goes By very fast. I felt when I was looking at my dad how easily it could have been me or any other member of our family.It made me feel very sad.I really hope he will still be with us for christmas.

I made a video.So please this Christmas Be Appreciative of what you have love your family, try not to squabble with them. And spend time with your relatives they may not always be here. Thanks for being my friends and subscribers.

Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

Come Back For Christmas Dad!

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