Change Your Attitude- Quit The New Years Resolutions

Change Your Attitude Or- Quit The New Years Resolutions

It is around this time of year everyone has made or is making New Year resolutions. Yes indeed all the promises of what they are going to change.

I am sorry to be a damp squib- Or ruin your moment of belief in black magic. But in the majority of cases it’s not the resolutions that will change anything?

It is your attitude, It really doesn’t matter how many New Years resolutions you make if your attitude is to quit, your results will be the same as they where when you quit last year, and the year before.

If you really decide to do something and have the right attitude you won’t have to wait till the 1st of January to make a resolution to succeed at it, or accomplish it..   The sheer fact that you had the right attitude and took the action will deliver the results required.

So if you are prone to a defeatest attitude, taking advice from whiners and quitting whenever the road get’s a little rocky. Then don’t waste your time on New Years resolutions that will never come to fruition..

Just do what you always did, and live in hope that one day life will give you a good kick up the But*  In whichever way it decides to that will change your attitude.

Yes indeed when your attitude changes so will your altitude..  So if you are getting ready to fly forget the New Year Resolutions!  Check on the attitude first that way you will be able to figure out what Altitude you are going to go to..

Yes Dreaming is very important, but without a little action and the right attitude along the way.  Even the perfect New Years resolutions will be doomed to failure..


Change Your Attitude Or- Quit The New Years Resolutions

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