Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy In Your Business?


This is dedicated to all the people out there who know That they are their own worst enemy when it comes to their business.


Now What Are You Gonna Do About It!!


The first thing they teach people when they visit an AA workshop for addiction is you need to realise the problem.  Thankfully I never had any of those type of addictions but admitting where you are falling short will help you to shine a light in the direction you need to go.

There are so many capable people out there who just don’t discipline themselves as much as they should, 😉 Myself included, truth is discipline is a very big trait that you will find in anyone who has had significant success in business. and yes I do and have had a lot of discipline but sometimes it escapes me for a short time.   And of course this is the time when I do less production and generate less success inside my businesses.

The thing is if you want to live a life of your dreams you need to get back up and onto the road of disciplining yourself or getting someone else to hold you accountable for your actions or lack of them. I remember a long time ago listening to one of my mentors.  He said you just need to go off track a few millimetres and in a year you will end up on the opposite side of the earth.   Remember changing your daily actions a little likely will not kill you.  But going off course for a year in your health or financial commitments in the wrong direction could end up killing you or a family member.  Sometimes you gotta just nip things in the bud when they start going off course.

First thing you need to do is don’t lie to yourself.  Do you ever hear that inner voice telling you things are going to be fine, yes trying to convince yourself.  Even when another part of you inside is practically screaming knowing you are on a disaster collision course.

If you haven’t already looked at this post check it out this is some of the most valuable information that everyone should have to listen to in school.  Instead of wasting years doing stupid algebra equations.


What is your destination IE.  where are you going?

1. Where are you planning to live ?

2. What cars are you planning to own?

3. How do you see your finances in the future?

4. How do you see your family relationships in the future?

5. What are your short term plans?

6. What are your long term plans?

7. What steps do you need to take on a hourly, daily, weekly monthly basis to achieve these things?


Remember Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail.

Have you ever got on a ship and not asked where is it’s destination?  Of course not though many people drift along in life with no clue about where they want to go.

Of course their chances of getting to an unknown destination are pretty big what about you?

Where are you heading!!


Did you take the action steps required today to get your Business, Finances, Relationships And Health where they need to be in the future?


If not then sit down take some time to reflect and write out a plan in fact follow the Jim Rohn Post I made earlier believe me you will probably have a huge breakthrough.


Some other questions you need to ask yourself .


Have I created all the content required for my business recently?

Have I put my business in front of a large audience of people IE Advertising?

Putting myself in the audiences shoes would I like what I have to offer?

What value am I creating for my clients or customers and prospects?

Is my product good and does it do what is says on the tin?


Hope you got some value from this


Please feel free to post any  comments you have below 🙂


Are You Your Own Worst Enemy In Your Business?

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