Are You Whining About A Problem One Day And Bragging The Next?

Are You Whining About A Problem One Day And Bragging The Next?

When selling a business or products and services online you may need to watch your mouth? Being inconsistent will instantly draw a red flag to you and your business.

I am not going to mention any names but I see certain people on social media one-day preaching financial doom and gloom and a few days later telling people they want to help more people create financial freedom, or make money online.

Are You Whining About A Problem One Day And Bragging The Next?

There is no better way to remain broke online than to be inconsistent with the truth, you are either making enough money online or you are broke.

If you make enough money it’s fine to share what you do to make money with others, if you are broke and you are trying to build an online business where people are going to be paying you saying you are broke or the sky is falling down is not going to increase your fan base when it comes to your business opportunity.

So before posting on social media ask yourself who you wanna be on social media, the broke guy who is eating rice and ketchup daily while his world is falling down around him.

Or the guy who is getting shit done and making a few dollars consistently and growing it.

Don’t make up the stuff if you are not yet creating great results yet. You can show your mentor’s results or other members on your team who are generating results.

Just remember if you really want people to pay you don’t publicly on social media be the broke doom and gloom guy who can’t get 2 Cents together, or that will be who you end up becoming permanently.


In case you are still wondering what I am talking about here is a quick example 

Facebook Post To Audience This week

My life sucks I am sick and don’t know why I cannot seem to make money online after 5 years.


Facebook Post next week

I am looking 5 people who want to make passive income online in the same business that I do. 


Facebook Post next week on another persons post

Can someone show me how to make money online like this


Facebook Post The Week After

I have made a gazillion $$$$$ in Cryptocurrency wanna join our team?


Just remember when it comes to running an online business being consistent will generate your results a lot faster than giving out mixed messages so focus on what works and do more of it. And don’t forget the 80 20 rule.  20 Percent of your actions normally generate 80% of your results. So, find out what you are doing that’s working and do more of it if you want better results.


  1. When it comes to making money online you have two choices you can start creating great content and think about what you could create, or what products or services you could provide to help your audience solve their problems and start sharing it like crazy.
  2. Be a victim keep complaining to everyone how broke you are and how tough life is for you and you need a break, you can keep buying the push the red button to Clickbank millions course, or those type of things or learn to create real value and help people and create a real online business and get paid in the process the choice is entirely yours. 

You Can Make Money Or You Can Be A Victim And Make Excuses But You Can’t Do Both At The Same Time So Choose Your Side.

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Are You Whining About A Problem One Day And Bragging The Next?

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