Are You The Invisible Man or Woman On Facebook

Are You The Invisible Man or Woman On Facebook

Since the new timeline I noticed no one seemed to comment on any of my posts or click on my links I thought either I was being a little paranoid perhaps, but then again suddenly after having lots of comments and communication on Facebook I seemed to dissapear into hyperspace. I am pretty busy with other stuff as running over 500 websites does tend to get you a little distracted from what youshould be doing on Facebook from time to time.So I really thought nothing more about it or at least didn’t make an issue of it or add it to my to do list.

I continued adding pictures posts etc and over a period of time seemed to be I wasn’t even getting one single comment it was like weird.I know Google and Facebook like to tweak what people get to see etc but this seemed to be getting rediculous. A few weeks ago I was at a friends house they had their computer on and where logged into Facebook as well as me. I posted a few pictures and my facebook was completely covered with lovely pictures on my timeline.

Out of curiosity I typed in my name to their account and  all my facebook pictures where gone  about 4 weeks of posts completely dissapeared.I was going to myself this is completely crazy how is this possible to completely dissapear indeed I was now 100% definetely. The Invisible Man on Facebook yes I had actually dissapeared strange as that seemed so I thought ok I need to try it from some other accounts, so I did and it was exactly the same nothing I was posting appeared on Facebook, only thing I could see where some tweets on my Facebook profile from Twitter this could be the secret key to becoming visible again I thought. So I started posting for a while and all was well okay my Facebook wall was a bit bare with no pictures but hey I was here again who cares.. That was a couple of weeks ago.

Ok today I logged into my Facebook account and my Twitter tweets had stopped showing up I was like can this be for real. I have yet to figure out why this has happened I am sure it will be another interesting invisible man story for another day. But as you can imagine by this stage I was starting to get quite pissed, alright I do like and listen to Eckhart Tolle and know about the ego thing but seperationfrom my anger Ego whatever you want to call it was getting close to erupting there where a few course words spoken before I logged into my settings in my Facebook account. And saw my posts are set to family. I am 100% sure I never touched these settings before so I will put it downthe changeover from our friends at Facebook . I happen to have one family member who is down as a family member on Facebook so I am sure he gotto look through all my wonderful pictures at least they weren’t all wasted. 🙂

The moral of the story is if you are on Facebook and it looks like you are becoming the invisible man or woman for that matter.

Before you start screaming at Facebook.


Make Sure You Check Your Facebook Settings And That They Are Not Set To Show Posts To Family.

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To Make Sure No Other Facebooker  Get’s Lost Again On Facebook.


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Are You The Invisible Man or Woman On Facebook

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