Are You Prepared For When Your Job Leaves You?

Are You Prepared For When Your Job Leaves You?


Oh yes, what a busy world. Everywhere you look you see people slaving away trying to make money, to pay for the things that corporations tell you to buy.

No sooner do they advertise one set of programming rituals, than the next one comes out.

Are You Prepared For When Your Job Leaves You

January – Inland Revenue Slavery Month Ensuring Your Income Till May Is Pre Spent

February– Valentines Day – If you don’t buy chocolates, go out for meals, pay for expensive hotels or rings, your relationship is over.

March – Mothers Day and getting out of the house for a drive in what little sun starts peaking through the horizon

April – Easter  -Yeah lets buy a load of Easter Eggs start booking Summer Holidays and buying whole animals to roast and celebrate this 2000 year tradition as written in a passed down book by some peadophile priests.

May – If you haven’t booked your holiday by now you aren’t keeping up with the Jones’s. What on earth is wrong with you are you broke or lazy??

June – Don’t forget fathers day and save your pennies to pay your government for passports, stealth taxes on oxygen from flying by plane and duty by re-buying everything that gets confiscated at the airports over and over again.

July – If you are some of the broke few, who aren’t able to afford to go on a holiday at least go out for a trip in the sun to make it look like you have a life to your social media friends.

August – Last chance to get away before the school brainwashing system resumes, and you get arrested or fined for giving your kids too much freedom.

September – Time to pay for new uniforms, new clothes, branded trainers and clothes and pay thousands in school or college fees.  You don’t want to look like a skinflint.

October – Halloween ,The long dark months before the big days celebration start, If you don’t spend at least 2 or 3 hundred pounds/dollars on each family member you will never be forgiven.  And you will give them bad memories for the rest of their lives.

November – Christmas Dinner Parties, Outfits to wear at them and of course Santa Clause is everywhere. That means you gotta pay baby..

December – Oh yeah the day is here £300 to buy shopping for one days Christmas Dinner- If you have a big family 2k spent in a day and of course so many people to please. Husbands,wives,children friends and relatives. And of course lastly but not least the New Years Eve boozing celebrations.


Oh wait we missed a few things there let’s remember the other bits and pieces.

The Car Payments

The Vehicle Testing Fees

Vehicle  Repairs

Vehicle Tax

Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle Accessories

License renewal fees

House Insurance

Grocery Shopping

Electricity Bill

Gas Bill

Buying and Replacing Broken Appliances


Doctors and consultants fees


Phone Bills

Internet and Telephone Services

Mobile Phone Bills

More Doodads, Holiday Homes Upkeep and Taxes, Caravans,Caravan Park Fees, Mobile Homes,Ground Rent, Cappucino days, Eating out at restaurants, Takeaways,Clothes shopping


The thing is you are busy, yes your job keeps you busy working to pay these things. So you probably don’t get a lot of time to think unless your boss decides to give you permission to take some time out, above your toilet and smoking allowance(If you are a smoker).


Let me do some quick thinking for you here.

Most employers are big corporations, they work for the shareholders to make a profit. As time moves on many manual labour jobs are being replaced and will continue to be replaced by machines and technology. That means firing workers and paying less money out in wages to employees.

If you are not working for a big corporation maybe somewhere like a mama and papa outfit, then you need to start worrying about when they will retire and sell out. If not will the next generation keep on the business, and will they like you or will they be delighted to fire your ass next time you breathe the wrong way.

Is your boss making a profit or is his business one of the businesses that is going to be closing down due to online sales growing, and higher retail property taxes.

Has your boss recently split up from his wife and started to become an alcoholic or substance abuser, if so how long will your job continue to last for?

Like it or not as an employee these are all facts that will effect you on a day to day basis. As you have absolutely no control of any of these things.


It happened to me for the first and only time in my life, when we where expecting our first child. I got fired for literally nothing and I would never put myself or my family in a position for that to happen again. What about you?

The thing is you can start your own online business today Part Time

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The thing is the only way you can be prepared when your job leaves you. Is to have some other streams of income coming in. Or to have created a real business that creates you a passive income without going to work every day.

First you need to figure out which Quadrant you are in and where you want to be.

And then take some action..

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Are You Prepared For When Your Job Leaves You?

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