Are You Fooling Yourself?

Are You Fooling Yourself?

When it comes to life lots of people fool themselves on a daily basis.  How did I come to this conclusion you may ask well there are lots of reasons. Many times when it comes to matters of health,wellness,happiness and relationships we fool ourselves. Lets look at some examples of this.

Lets take the average broke family for instance…

They drink toxic unfiltered water.

They go to a dentist who fills their mouth with amalgam including mercury and chew gum filled with aspartame.

They brush their teeth with flouride toothpaste, drink water and cook in water with flouride in it

They are stressed from working in shitty high pressured jobs or self employed businesses where they are the job..

They buy their shopping from a mass produced supermarket and eat lots of sugar aspartame and things laced with GMO’s

Their children get taught by government trained robots who educate them that eating sandwitches the bread made with GMO Soy Flour. The meat filled with antibiotics the drink laced with cancer causing sugar free aspartame or laced with cancer causing sugar and a bar of GMO snickers is a healthy balanced diet..

They buy cheap fast foods many times fried in GMO corn or sunflower oil or Lard.. Because they do not have the money or are not educated about eating fresh homegrown organic produce.

They live in a doctor knows everything culture. Yes our doctors are trained and  paid by pharmaceutical companies who make billions yearly by making and keeping people sick and killing them in the process. (More people die yearly from prescribed medication than cancer or heart attacks put together.. Although it isn’t advertised on TV I wonder why?

Children and elderly are vaccinated with poisonous drugs and diseases to supposedly protect them from getting sick even if it has the opposite effect and kills hundreds of thousands of people per year..

If you can not understand this think about this one fact…

The swine flue vaccine was patented two years before the first ever reported case of swine flue (How do you explain this?)

Your water is being contaminated on a daily basis by fracking, radiation from nuclear power plants,chemicals poured into the water from chemical cleaning products,Heavy metals and flue virus being sprayed from planes (Chemtrails)

While your rights to protest or be a whistleblower are being made illegal by the corporations running your governments so you have to accept it…

Not forgetting banks charging you interest on money they never had in the first place. Yes they now send you digits via email which you work all your life to pay off with Interest (What do you think your mortgage is? Or Credit cards?)

Laws preventing you from collecting your rainwater or growing your food in many places and spreading rapidly..

What is the answer to this well step one is education knowing what is going on  around you..  So instead of watching soaps and the latest made up film or pop star scandals find out what is happening in your backyard. If you are aware of it then you can take steps to change them for the better. Which in the process can and will save your family from a lot of sicknesses and heartache that goes with it.

Take control of your own financial destiny and get off the hamster wheel you are not a hamster! So why are you working like a hamster on a wheel?


Are You Fooling Yourself?

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