Are you a Leader Or A Follower

Are You A Leader Or A Follower
When it comes to internet marketing or any other subject for that matter this is a very interesting question that comes to mind. Are you a leader or a follower? the truth is many people have no idea what they are, being unaware is one of the biggest things stopping people moving to a higher level in their life.

Well I guess they get a little wrapped up in other things like in themselves for one, what they want, what they think they deserve and then one of my favourites what they need..
Yes I need to be rich but I need to booze all weekend watch football and Eastenders on TV, but need to be wealthy.

Sounds a little incongruent to me or else I want to be rich and wealthy but I spend money like it burns a hole in my pocket… Hmm does that remind you of anyone. I like to remember my favourite Jim Rohn saying don’t give me your need give me your seed.

Expecting to be rich and wealthy while you participate in life like this is pretty stupid.. Like the farmer going up to his field and saying give me a big crop this year and I will give you some seed next year. Hello!! time for a wake up call..

Lets just face is Missus Or Dude as the case may be it’s not gonna happen.. You need to take responsibility stop making half assed excuses and get your butt working today and everyday until you make that dream happen. Blaming other people or pretending to be someone or something you are not will not help your inferiority complex. It will just get worse I get so bored with sheep who follow trends three years too late.

Like the property market once every granny, son, and family become property investors guess what the investors have took their money out robbed you and are three years ahead, wakey’s wakey’s while all the new investors get financially slaughtered.

Now the big money is to be made on Twitter,Local Marketing ,Mobile And Webinars like property 5 years ago.. My advice to you is once people start doing seminars on it the wave is nearly over. Do you want people to follow you and be a leader. Or do you want to follow blindly paying thousands for courses teaching what people where making money from 3 years ago. In amongst the other 300,000,000 twitter or Local Marketing experts..

If that is you and floats your boat by all means enjoy.. but are you a leader or just another sheep to the slaughter..time will tell as always. Find the wave at the start make the wave or create the wave be in at the beginning this is what the leaders do maybe even make a $2000 seminar on it before it goes out of fashion… Ride the whole wave when the sheep start coming in cash out and find the next wave don’t be the sheep or the lemmings following the other lemmings off a cliff.

I see so many people starting to do what I was doing three years ago following instructions like well trained employees.
These people where given a brain to think why not use it. Start thinking are you a sheep or an entrepreneur if you wanna be the second then stop acting like a sheep.Start thinking a little and acting independently. From everyone else stand out from the crowd this is the true qualities of a proper leader.

Don’t worry about what people think believe in what you do and do it better than your competition. Overdeliver on value and If you are a true leader your competition won’t stand a chance against you.

Are you a Leader Or A Follower

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