Are Internet Marketing Tools Worth It?

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Internet Marketing Tools

I have created my fair share of websites in the last 12 years. The number of niches I have set up websites in would boggle the mind. The list looks a bit like this: Blogs, Personal Sites, Business Sites, Ecommerce, Job Boards, Business Directories, Classified Ads sites,Question and Answer Sites, Non-Profits and Religious Sites, Portfolio Sites, Online Communities, Social Networking Sites, Coupon Sites, Auction Sites, Multilingual Sites, Wiki Sites, Podcasting Sites, Niche Affiliate Sites, Photography, School Sites, and more.

Each one of those sites brought their own set of challenges and rewards. However, what each one of them had in common was they always needed some basic elements that made them comply with internet law and the expectations of the primary search engines in the internet world. Those requirements keep the site in compliance with legal standards, protect the site owner and protect the website viewer/customer also. In addition, sites need other things added to make them completely functional in the real world.

Website Workload

Here are just a handful of the tasks that have to be done when creating a new site. You have to delete the default posts and comments that come with the download of WordPress. It will be necessary to set all the general settings in WordPress and set the right SEO settings for your site. You will need pages for the about, terms of service, privacy policy, cookie policy, contact page, etc.

If you are selling from some of the big guys, then you will need affiliate disclaimers, amazon disclaimers, copyright sections and if you are venturing into the medical or natural healing areas, then you might want to add a medical disclaimer.

WP Freshstart 4.0

So, after spending all that time doing the mundane and repetitive tasks that every website requires, you can imagine my joy when somebody created a plugin that will do all that for me. WP Freshstart 4.0 helps get rid of all the boring and repetitive parts of website creation.

WP Freshstart 4.0 will allow you to set your website title, tagline, and admin email. You can create legal pages, disclaimer pages, cookie policies, categories, tags, install plugins, create XML sitemaps, add footer/header code, hide post meta, and a whole lot more.

So, who cares? Why would something like this be important to someone building a site? Well, if you are making one site and you are dedicating all your efforts to that one site, then maybe you have the time to dedicate to it. However, if you are creating multiple sites, mini sites, or working in a variety of niches, then this kind of thing can really save a great deal of time. Getting it all done with just a few clicks is important to a person who knows that time spent on a project is important.

Tools Are Important


Every craftsman knows it is important to have the right tools to get the job done. You wouldn’t want a roofing specialist showing up at your house to repair the leak who had to ask you for a hammer now would you? Of course not. When you hired that roofing specialist, you expected him to show up with the correct tools to do the job.

The same principle applies to internet marketing. Every internet marketer eventually learns that things like using free website hosting, using free templates, and using all kinds of free stuff from others may keep your overhead down. But, eventually you are going to see the negatives attached to these free things. You will want to graduate on up to having your own hosting, your own autoresponder, your own purchased domain with domain authority, and you will want to have a website that is free from any hindrance to ranking high on the search engines.

Therefore, having a tool that lowers the amount of time you spend on the creation of a site is a good tool to have. It will save overall effort. It will save time. Ultimately, it will save money.

So far this is my favourite hosting tool for creating websites quickly you can Click Here To Watch The Video which goes into step by step details to create your WordPress blog or website.

If you are already sorted out with a blog or website and are ready to take your online business up a few notches then here are the two best bloggers tools I have seen for as long as I can remember..

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