All Headline News Releases News Toolbar for Internet Web Browsers

Wellington, FL (PRWEB) April 12, 2004

All Headline News, a leading internet news search engine and aggregator, announces the release of the All Headline News Internet Toolbar(TM). This free tool plugs-in to the internet users browser and enables them to access to breaking News and relevant search from anywhere on the web.

Available now at, the toolbar is a powerful web browsing companion that integrates with a users’ web browser that displays the latest breaking news and allows them to instantly jump to any of All Headline News’ services such as: News Headlines, news briefs and market information.

The toolbar also offers pop-up blocking that allows the user to selectively block unwanted and intrusive popup.

W.Jeffrey Brown, All Headline News, CEO of All Headline News said. “We are very excited about the release 0of the news Toolbar; it provides our users with quick and easy access to All Headline News and adds significant value to the web browsing experience.”

The All Headline News Toolbar is available free of charge for users of Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and XP, and version 5.0 or higher of Microsoft Internet Explorer at It installs easily and automatically and can be completely un-installed should the user desire.

About All Headline News:

All Headline News is a leading news portal and aggregator of news and headlines. Our systems search and index thousands of websites to news and information that is categorized and distributed as live headline links to the original sources. Our services are used by websites, charities, governmental entities, educational institution and other user’s world wide.

All Headline News’ website address is

Contact All Headline News at:

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