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One of the first things you should do is check the government regulations that effect Internet marketing. Two of the main regulation deals with e mails. You can only send out your offer to persons who have contacted you about your offer or (a one time only) persons who have contact you with their offer.
You are required to enclose in all your e mails, your e mail address, your business address and phone. If you will be using a auto responder you are required to have a unsubscribe link, so persons who may have contacted to receive your offers, newsletter, etc. can click on and have their name removed from your list.
It is also very important to remember if you join a MLM as a affiliate the firm you are marketing for meet the regulations, as you too could be charged if they make outrages claims about their product, how much money can be made etc.
The FTC enters Internet, telemarketing, identity theft and other fraud-related complaints into Consumer Sentinel, a secure, online database available to hundreds of civil and criminal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and abroad.
Get your own website, avoid the free ones offered by MLM’s. Don’t be restricted to one firm’s product with a free website.
With a free web site you would have no chance of being listed on the search engines, as there would be hundreds of web sites with the same offers. All you are doing is working for free, paying for advertisements for someone else’s products. If there was some product you wanted to sell from a MLM firm, you can join as a reseller and place just the product you want to handle on your website.
This woman rushed to her doctor and rattles off: “doctor, when I woke up this morning and looked into the mirror I saw my hair wiry and frazzled, my skin was wrinkled and pasty, my eyes were bloodshot, I had a corpse-like look on my face! Please doctor can you tell what’s wrong with me?”

The doctor looks her over for a few minutes, then replies:” Well, I can tell you that there is nothing wrong with your eyesight.”
You didn’t learn it at school, or at the office. Would you believe your mother?
Networking is more then shaking hands, and giving out business cards. Forget about the endless networking skills you may have learned at the office. We just have to put the few lessons mother taught us into practice. As a kid we were always in a hurry to find something better. Our mothers taught us patience.
If your in a hurry you miss the value that can be built taking time with building relations in networking. Establishing a relationship by taking time, gives you a solid framework in networking building.
Your mother worked hard as an example. This is one of the better examples in networking she gave you. That’s why it is called networking, not sit work. For networking to be successful you have to work hard and put out the effort.
Remember her telling you to share your things with others? Some of our best resources are time, money, and information we are willing to give to the relationship. They appreciate us when we are willing to give to the relationship.
She always made you clean up after yourself. In networking, follow-up is required. Whether it’s a promise to meet someone, or just a thank you is one of the most important lessons of networking. These life lessons we learned from mother during childhood are a solid basis’s for strong networking skills.
Thank you mother for all your help.
The biggest time spend in selling, more so in mail order or on the Internet is developing a relationship with your customer and building trust. If you did a good job in the first two, closing a sale will take the smallest of your time spend with your customer.
15 years ago on March 1, 1995, Yahoo Incorporated.  To me it seems like just yesterday, however I am sure the two whom started it, David Filo and Jerry Yang it must feel like a lifetime. So much has taken place since then. Yahoo has come a long way since then.
People enjoy watching interesting video clips online. This opens the door for video SEO to become wildly popular. With more people looking to view video clips online, more and more entrepreneurs will look towards movie optimization as the means in which to boost their traffic and search engine rankings.
Google has shut down their Chinese search engine at and are redirecting users to their Hong Kong servers at in an effort to end censorship of Chinese search results.
For full details go to their blog;
 A new service just released by Sysomos called FourWhere
 FourWhere provides an easy way to find content posted by Foursquare users. For example, if you’re looking for a cafe in the heart of Manhattan, FourWhere lets you search using an address to see all the venues and comments for all the places “checked-in” by Foursquare users.

To use FourWhere, visit Then, type in a city or address in the search box. This will display a map. Right-click on the map to see the different options to see the available venues and comments.
Use forums to Connect with other users to discuss various marketing topics.
Fake e cards.
You get a message with a link to an online greeting card but, when you click it, you end up with a virus on your PC. A couple of simple rules here. Delete any messages that come from someone you don’t know or that don’t address you by name. If they come from someone you know, email that person to check that they sent it before clicking on.
2009 has seen a surge in ads offering bogus vacation rentals. You pay a deposit or even in full to get a key and that’s the last you hear of them. Scammers are experts at creating phoney look-alike sites where you land after mistyping an address or by clicking on a link supplied in the e mail or ad. Always type in the URL and don’t just click on the link.
You can get products to sell via e bay or/and your website by using the services of a drop shipper. A reliable drop shipper will not ask you for a fee. They will allow you to copy pictures of the products they sell. Prices are about half you would pay for retail.
When writing articles to directories, we are not allowed to list URL’s for places to go for free information, such as drop shippers, ebay, and other places. If your interested you can go to our website and in our archives there is over 2 years of free Internet information listing with URL’s. My website is listed in the article source at the bottom of this article. 
If you have a website they will allow you to move any listing on their site to yours. You set your price on the product/s you transfer. When an order comes in place the order they will ship it out for you under your shipping label and not include any of their material.
A good way to promote is join as an affiliate, transfer a couple specials onto your site, with a link back to your affiliate page. The cost of setting up a web site is minimum. Check out my website archive for drop ship firms. Transfer a couple specials onto your site, with a link back to your affiliate page. The cost of setting up a web site is minimum. Check out my website archive for drop ship firms.
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ARCHIVES:  Check out my website for hundreds of Activity Reports
going back to 2003. If you’re new to the Internet, or an experienced Internet marketer, you will find information that will help you built a business a on the Internet. All reports are filed by the month and are no charge.
Article Source: Bruce Chambers sold his printing, publishing, mail order business and retired in 1980. He came on the Internet in 2003. He researched for 1 year, and then started a free monthly Internet marketing report, plus free monthly recipes, bar mixes, tips newsletters. At present he resells from his website. You can subscribe to either or both free newsletters by going to his web site. Please visit:
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