Accusations will not take away guilt

Accusations will not take away the guilt


(This post is about something I read related to me an accusation, it may not make complete sense to you, but it is full of useful information if you care about your health)

Do you ever go through a phase in your life and you get accused of something.  One of the truths about accusation is that it is normally the person who does the judgement  feels guilty whether consciously or subconsciously.  If they have a conscience?   Why do they feel guilty, maybe, because they were wrong because they feel insecure, because of a fear of being unloved.

Obviously I am not going to go into too much detail here but recently I was accused of telling a friend the truth about a treatment for a serious disease. The person’s partner in question had a friend who suffered from a disease and even though they were offered to tell them about someone who has cured tens of thousands of people with Cancer who was in her area..  She didn’t tell her friend the excuse was he was a con man and he was trying to make money.

I really do not know how anyone could see a friend suffering with such a disease and not give them an option to try to heal it painlessly.  Rather than go through suffering and pain which in 95% of cases results in or causes death.. Or future recurring cancers from the treatment, Blasting someones body with radiation stronger than Chernobyl is hardly a cure that many people’s bodies can or will survive.  And the after effects are devastating as their immune system afterwards is destroyed.

The fact of the matter is sick people are a billion dollar industry to the pharmaceutical companies and they want your money not you to be cured.  There are lots of brainwashed people out there who think this is impossible and they continue to take poisons and watch while their loved ones get  killed off by, if be it slowly by  antibiotics ,vaccines and chemotherapy and their brains damaged with anti depressants.


The truth of the matter is normally the person who is the problem is the last person to know they are the problem. And God, if he is around will know that well. No matter how much they pray otherwise.  The bottom line is if your Father, Mother, Child or any other friend or relative is sick from something and there is a list of alternative cures as long as your arm.  Not trying or finding out about them before poisoning them with chemotherapy, antibiotics, operations (Butchery)  is not necessarily the first or optimum solution.

If people had half a brain or  even researched the truth, they would realize this. Or at least attempt to do something else before starting these procedures which are 95% ineffective.. And actually cause more disease and sickness  than curing it. I have been researching health and wellness since my father died while heavily medicated a year after receiving the swine flue vaccine.  I do not research stuff put out by the government  and pharmaceutical companies as they are in it for the money.


If you are in any doubt about this then doing some real research not from government websites about the effects of GMO‘s  Chemotherapy,Vaccines,Anti Depressants Including ADHD, Fluoride, Amalgam fillings, Root Canals, Aspartame,MSG’s and any other crap you are being poisoned with..

The truth of the matter is ignorance is a catastrophe and being ignorant about such things can and will end up in loss of life, be it yourself or loved ones suffering and or dying prematurely for no reason. And for me that is too painful to sit like an idiot in the background and say nothing..   If you are a sheep and are happy to go to the slaughter voluntarily or send your family to it. That is your problem because of ignorance.

People are always looking for someone to blame in the olden days they used to call it a witch hunt. And they would find someone and burn them alive  to cure their problems.  Unfortunately, people still operate on the same principles they can be nasty, rude, threaten people, but it all comes back one way or another.   In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or not it is called karma. When you do things to people it comes back eventually. No matter what God you believe in or how hard you pray..  You cannot fool yourself as you know the truth subconsciously.   And it will eat you if you do the wrong things.  Of course, none of us are perfect, but one given the option of healing  or attempting to go straight to causing suffering for someone.  The right choice would be  obvious if your mind was open.

Some people might not be happy about what I have or did say or do.  But anything I did was to help or save the life of an important person.  In vain unfortunately if I had to do it again I would do the same thing and if I was about to do something dangerous with a member of my family.  I would be most grateful to have a friend that actually cared enough and was not submerged too deeply in their own ego to tell me the truth.

Once again if you think my statements are a shock to your system you can look at some other peoples opinions


Here Are Some Resources and Info that could save your life or a family members life if your mind is open and not shut..

This in fact is the person who was accused by someone of being a con man trying to make money see what you think? In my opinion, he is one of the most knowledgeable truthful caring people I have met.


DR Clement In Dublin

Top disease and prevention course ( LOTS OF RESOURCES)

Death By Doctor

Chemotherapy Is A Waste Of Money

Pharmaceutical Confessions

Like someone once said your mind is like a Parachute it only works when open

Accusations will not take away the guilt

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