According To Felix Dennis – There Are Only Two Simple Reasons Why Anyone Should Want To Be An Entrepreneur…

According to Billion-dollar publishing magnet, Felix Dennis -There are only two simple reasons why anyone should want to be an Entrepreneur: 

Extracted from: Lusso Luxury

“He says he’s constantly trying to remind young entrepreneurs that the purpose of being an entrepreneur is to make a lot of money and have a lot of fun. These companies aren’t your babies. If someone comes along and offers him a really great price for his magazines or his websites, he’ll sign. “It’s pretty simple, really.

Felix Dennis on those who confuse making money with mere business talk:

“He doesn’t like email, hasn’t got an email address. So what does he make of those ‘businessmen’ who sit hunched over at dinner, busy Blackberrying? “I know that they’re busy not making money, they’re reminding people, rather desperately and sadly, that they’re still alive. I feel sorry for them.

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