A New Way To Make Ebook Business Profitable

United Kingdom (PRWEB) August 24, 2006 According to the report commissioned by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), in the year 2005, publishers earned $ 11,875,783 by selling 1,692,964 ebook units. The report further elaborates that 5,242 ebooks were published during this period. These statistics unmistakably authenticate the fact that ebooks are one of the most popular commodities on the Internet. Hence, a majority of home-based business owners do not hesitate to make ebooks a part of their business.
However, selling ebooks is easier said than done. The Internet is literally swamped with ecommerce websites that sell a wide assortment of ebooks. Due to cutthroat competition, these ebooks are sold at a very low price. In such an ultra competitive ebook-business environment, the survival of a small home-based business owner is certainly difficult. The best way to stand out in the crowd is to embark an ecommerce niche ebook business.
The most significant question that home business owners encounter when they come to a decision to start an ecommerce niche ebook business is “Where can I find quality niche ebook with resell rights?” Onye, an ebook marketing expert, has compiled a website that enables niche ebook retailers to find best-selling and quality niche ebooks with ease. The Niche ebook Package Deals, found at http://www.ebookpackagedeals.com on the World Wide Web, provides 20 unique niche ebook business packages that can help niche ebook retailers to register incessant profit.
The most imperative aspect of niche ebook business packages at this website is the resell rights. These resell rights allow the retailers to sell their niche ebooks over and over again. Moreover, ebookpackagedeals.com does not impose any restrictions on the method used by the retailers to sell the niche ebooks. The retailer can either sell the complete ebook package or sell ebooks individually. In addition to this, they are also allowed to pass on the resell rights to their customers.
Another impressive feature that this website offers is ready-made listing templates. These listing templates can either be used as such or they can be customized to reflect personal identity. Furthermore, apart from auctions sites and ecommerce websites, these listing templates can also be used in classified advertisements, email newsletters and affiliate programs with ease.
Some more user-friendly features at ebookpackagedeals.com are:
•Instant downloads
•Easy-to-download format as .PDF, .EXE, or .DOC
•Biggest collection of niche ebooks that is constantly updated
•Secure payment with money-back guarantee
•24/7 customer support
In a nutshell, the well-researched, diligently organized and professionally designed niche ebook business packages at ebookpackagedeals.com, provides a new way to make ebook business profitable.
For more information on niche ebook business packages, please contact Onye via her website at http://www.ebookpackagedeals.com.

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