A Little Creativity Can Make You Money Online

A Little Creativity Can Make You Money Online

One of The Things About The Internet is that YOU Can make money or get things that are worth money with a bit of creativity and thought.  My 13-Year-old son is a master of finding deals and doing deals with people online.

He made $60 the last few days playing some games he then saw a £95 top on special offer for £29 but by the time he went to make the order, it was too late. So he found the same thing on eBay and offered $20 for he top but the postage was £4 but him being the dealer he is he went back to the buyer and told him he had only £20 and didn’t have an extra £4 could he have Free Delivery.

My other son who is 17 landed in today with lunch for all of us he got a discount voucher and bought a load of food via delivery for £5 instead of about £25 he started a job in a call centre to learn how to sell and get some extra money he treated us with his first paycheck, today, he also handed me some money to buy him some cryptocurrency to hedge his money against future banking crash.

The thing is there are many ways to make and to save money, but the thing is if you want to really make a lot of money online you need to buy some things along the way.  Without buying the right tools that you need you will cost yourself tens or even hundreds of thousands of Dollars/Pounds/Euros in time and money.

There is a time and a place for getting the deals or saving money and that is fine, my son saved £20 on his food bill today which gave him an extra £20 to invest in a cryptocurrency.  This £20 could become £100 or even $1000s of pounds if invested in the right CryptoCurrency. For me, my money comes in from my online businesses but Crypto gives me the opportunity to invest a few grand that I would not miss the opportunity to invest it in something that could make, tens, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of Dollars/Pounds/Euros.

For many years I never invested in CryptoCurrency as I had little to no understanding about it. I also disliked all the companies getting people to part with a £1000 or even tens of Thousands of Dollars/Pounds/Euros with the promise of them getting some unknown Crypto.  Some people genuinely made a lot of money but from what I saw more people seemed to get ripped off and many destroyed their reputation by promoting a scam. I still see and get approached by these scams regularly. People wanting you to give them your money to invest it for you instead of you deciding what to invest in yourself.

So I still would not and do not recommend people joining companies offering to take your crypto or fiat currency(cash) and make you a fortune in return. The thing is even if you have very little money to invest there is nothing to stop you from joining Coinbase or Crypto and buying $20 of crypto every week or $50,$100,$1000 ETC. In fact with the rate that ordinary currencies are devaluing and Crypto are going up it is madness not having a few dollars invested there. If you didn’t take any notice of crypto before then you should realise even the top investors and financial educators even Robert Kiyosaki is talking about Cryptocurrency

The thing is you don’t need to have hundreds or thousands of dollars to start investing in Crypto even £10 or £20 can get you started. So if you haven’t started yet what are you waiting for?

You can Click Here To Join Coinbase And Get $10

Or Click Here To Join Crypto.com And Get $25

Today I came up with an idea to create a certain type of website and customise them for people, so I got the webpage up and a sales page to create and sell these customised Link-It-Better sites for people.

I have made so much money from creativity over the years with product ideas service ideas and ideas to market my affiliate business. A bit of creativity can go a long way and make a lot of $$$$$$ too.

Yesterday I had an idea to create and sell a particular type of website using my funnelbuilder you can see it here

My advice to you is to keep being creative think of new ideas and actually put them into action as great ideas that are seen through to completion are where all the big money really is. 


A Little Creativity Can Make You Money Online

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