911 September 11th World Trade Centre 9Th Year Anniversary My Story

911 September 11th 9 Year Anniversary

I remember 9 Years Ago Today Like Yesterday I was In US I stayed all summer in New York State I Booked My Flight Home To Belfast For The 13Th Of September My Agenda Was To Spend Two Days In New York City (NYC) And My Two Main Things That Were A Must Was A Visit To The Twin Towers And The Empire State Building. When I Was In New York Fortunately I Met My Wife I Decided I Wanted To Tour America. I Wanted To Visit Florida. I Never Made It That Far As My Funds Ran Low Got As Far As Virginia Beach And Stayed There For 1 Month Fortunately While I Was There I Changed My Flight From 13th To 27TH September To Stay Longer With My Wife In Virginia.As I Probably Would Have Been At The Twin Towers Or The Empire State Building On September 11th 2001 Scary Thought.

I remembered trying to ring my mother it was around 9 Oclock in the morning I tried 42 Times I could not get through kept getting an engaged signal. Next thing one of the room mates who we where sharing a house with came out to me and said quick come here a Plane just hit the twin towers. I said right very funny he said come here I looked at the TV and saw the twin towers with smoke and flames coming out of the side of them. Then I saw a second plane flying into the other tower as it was happening completely unbelievable. I couldn’t believe it.. And was even more shocked when we saw the buildings start to collapse it just seemed like an unbelievable nightmare.

These events will never leave my head and the thought of all the poor victims who died who ever caused it I think we all have a good idea about that but I won’t go into conspiracy theories here as I don’t think I know enough about it to Preach about that all I can say is my thoughts go out to all the people lost all the victims and all the people that were affected by this shocking tradgedy. My thoughts are with you all September 11TH 2001 is one day most people in our generation will always remember very clearly.

I have attached some videos below as a sad reminder of what happened on that sad day..
The people who were behind this tragedy. They know who they are will pay in one way or another for what they did. To all those people that lost loved ones take time to remember them today and every other day and may they all Rest In Peace..

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Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

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