7 Year Old Aristotle Gets Internet Marketing Rage

7 Year Old Aristotle Gets Internet Marketing Rage today my son Aristotle got a laptop for his 7th birthday. He set up his Skype account and is ready to start his own Internet Business.Although his two brothers are not happy as they are waiting for their birthday to get theirs.So I reckon there will be some Internet Rage going on around our house today.I think it is fantastic the opportunities we have and our children have today using the Internet.I would highly recommend to any parents to start teaching your kids how to use a computer as young as possible.The longer they learn the better they will get, because I reckon in the next 20 years if your kids do not have computer skills. They may as well not learn a language including their own.. Lol.

Don’t underestimate your children either, my two year old son uploaded his first you tube video a few months ago. I didn’t find out till I logged into my you tube account and found a new video one day.If your children have a good knowledge of computers marketing,social media etc I believe they will have a much bigger advantage than children who concentrate on old fashioned education methods taught in schools.So ask yourself the question are you and your family learning the information that will propel you where you want to be in the next 20 years.If not don’t worry just move your compass a little and start pointing in the right direction.Just focus on what you want for your wealth,health and happiness and find the right vehicle to get there.You will get there with will focus a good plan and unstoppable determination.. Just Do It! Happy Easter……..

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