7 Internet Marketing Tools That Will Transform Your Business

7 Internet Marketing Tools That Will Transform Your Business

When it comes to running an oline business I always tell people on my team that it is important to treat your business like a business and buy the things you need to market your business properly.  There are many people who make excuses and do not buy them they will say things like I am not making any money so I cannot afford to buy them right now.

Or they will say when I make money I will buy them. When I hear this I know exactly why they are broke.   It is kind of instead of saying here is what I need. Make a list, price it and buy the things I need to make money online.

They give a big list of excuses..  It is hilarious something like I paid x for this product and I am not making money?   Hmmmm

1. Do you have professional Videos?

2. Do You Have Professional Optin or sales pages?

3. Can You see your conversion rates?

4. Do you have a reliable Autoresponder?

5. Do your Graphics and Banners Logos ETC look good or professional?

6. Are you branding yourself properly?

7. Do you have a product funnel that people buy and will make you big Ticket and Residual Commissions?

8. Do you have your own blog or website? If you answer no to any of these questions the chances are there are some huge bottomless money draining pits in your business which is keeping you broke.

The point of todays article is to tell you the tools you need to take your business to the next level.  Lets Face it a few years ago on the Internet you could make a cheap half assed video and make a fortune.

Today things are a little different there is loads of competition so YOU and YOUR BUSINESS need to stand out from the rest.


Here are the tools that are really essential or will up your game to the next level.

If you don’t have the majority of these  chances are you should or will be going back to a job. Or selling on Ebay Or Amazon soon..

1.  Yes you need a  high quality Autoresponder you can get one HERE  no list = No Money or at least a lot less money.

2. You need a way to create professional capture pages for your business and services.

3. You need to have access to your own video hosting as hosting on you tube is not reliable ask any top Internet Marketer.

4. You need to have a good software for creating Facebook Banners,Logos,Pictures and banners for your website or pay a fortune outsourcing it.

5. You need a software that you can use to create professional videos for your capture pages and sales pages.

6. You Need To Have A Website the complete minimum is at least have a Free Website but if you are serious get a paid version.

7. You need to have a sales funnel that pays out a really high commission rate

7 Internet Marketing Tools That Will Transform Your Business

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