6 Online Review Monitoring Tools for Your Business

6 Online Review Monitoring Tools for Your Business

6 Online Review Monitoring Tools for Your Business

Use the right tools, get the best reviews.

It has not been spoken about enough how important monitoring your online reputation is. It helps in gaining the trust you need from your customers and also creating a name for the brand online. Positive reviews from customers can be beneficial and even land you more potential customers. This is because since these loyal ones have already experienced what your business has to offer, they trust you. Coming back to monitoring your reviews, we have listed down some that could be useful.

1. Google Alerts

Sometimes the most basic of tools are the handiest. Google Alerts has been around for a while now. Google searches can be the core of how people find out and research about your brand or company. Because of this, initiating Google Alerts may help you keep a daily track on keywords that may have been used in your favor. All you have to do is head on to the website and fill in a few simple details regarding the review monitoring. This could be your preferred update frequency, preferred content category, etc. A tip to remember is to be as specific as possible. This is with regards to search queries.

2. Image Raider

This tool could be used to find out positive or negative information about your business or brand. If you have pictures that authentically belong to you, there is a high chance of them being talked about. Image Raider helps you discover websites that may have been talking about you. It’s automated reverse image search helps find websites that may be stealing and exploiting your images. All you have to do is add in the URL of the image or upload the file directly. You will be notified if anything comes up via email.

3. Tweet Alarm

Ah, Twitter. The one place for everything controversial and full of fire. Twitter has come up as a place for interactions and sharing of information as well. Brands have made a name for themselves on this social media platform. Speaking of brands, Tweet Alarm allows you to monitor tweets that may have been made regarding your business. Whenever someone’s tweets about your brand or anything surrounding it, you will receive a notification via email. Since there are so many tweets being sent every day, play your cards right and you might be mentioned.

4. Naymz

Influence is a huge part of using review monitoring tools. When it comes to running a business or a brand, social influence is a huge part of its success. Naymz is a tool that can help you in that aspect. It helps you track your social influence. Therefore, if you manage to maintain a high influence, your reputation shall sky rocket amongst your customers. This tool is really useful as you are able to actually track how much of influence you have on the audience. Businesses need this in order to build up a brand and its reputation.

5. Hyper Alerts

Another social media platform that is beneficial to businesses is Facebook. Not only is it being used for people to connect with one another, but also for brands to connect with their customers. Hyper Alerts is a tool that monitors customer activity on Facebook. They will send you immediate email notifications. What’s better is that you can also monitor any rival or competition brands.

6. Pin Alerts

I’m sure you must’ve realized how important social media is to businesses by now. Therefore, here comes another one, Pinterest. This platform has become overly popular throughout the years. When someone’s pins something from a certain brand, it counts as a review or that they’ve shown interest in you. Pin Alerts helps you find out when someone pins something from your website. Again, this is an email notification system and is incredibly simple to set up.

6 Online Review Monitoring Tools for Your Business

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