20 Things That Will Stop You making Money Online

20 Things That Will Stop You making Money Online

20 Things That Will Stop You making Money Online

  1. Being cheap trying to do everything for free or a low cost.
  2. Not getting a mentor who has already created a successful online business.
  3. Not having the right products, tools software or services to run your business.
  4. A bad attitude like Zig Ziglar once said is like a flat tyre and it won’t take you very far in life or in business.
  5. Selling or promoting products or services that you never used before.
  6. Getting paid tiny commissions, this will keep you permanently broke.
  7. Not building up a residual income, if you have to keep finding new buyers to sell products too. You will often get burned out or fed up, also if you get sick and are not able to physically make the sales your income will stop. Selling passive residual income products ensures you can take a rest, have a holiday while still getting paid weekly monthly or annually with residual income.  Even if you get sick you will still get paid.
  8. A business website that looks like it was made the year the first computers came out.
  9. Not getting your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list for a free gift or training or to find out more about something out of curiosity.
  10. Not taking payments or selling your own products or services on your blog or website.
  11. Not providing enough value to your readers and trying to blatantly sell stuff to them without developing any rapport.
  12. Being sales orientated instead of solution-orientated, your visitors will buy from you because you have something that they think will solve their problems or improve their life. Not because you want to sell them stuff or make money.
  13. Not running your business well, if your sales page or video sucks, your product sucks or your offers look bad compared to your competition, then you need to do some work on your business. What can you do that will make your product or service better or more targeted to your market than the competition?
  14. Lack of care if you don’t care about your customers it may be obvious, so if you don’t look after them they will find someone else to buy from.
  15. Attracting the wrong customers, not everyone will be the right customer for your business. If you attract the wrong customers it could cost you lots of extra time effort and frustration. And also affect your income. So make sure you are targeting the right people for what you have to sell.
  16. Bad prioritisation management, when you are self-employed or a business owner it is imperative that you prioritise important tasks for your business. Thes tasks could be product or content creation, publishing content, marketing and advertising your brand content and or products and services. Not doing the tasks needed or outsourcing the tasks needed properly will seriously damage your business and lose you valuable income.
  17. Getting the wrong mentor- if you get the wrong mentor it can be worse than not having a mentor, there are so many people online who just started an online business recently. with little or no experience they claim to be experts and sucker people into buying low-quality high ticket products. Needless to say, when posting their big commissions lots of suckers come along who have no idea of marketing. In the belief, they can get rich quick too. It ends up with the blind leading the blind, which is rarely going to help the buyers live their dream lifestyles as claimed by the new gurus.
  18. The door to door salesman, don’t get me wrong some people love doing door to door sales, even if their victims don’t always like it. One of the most powerful features about the internet is you can put stuff out there in front of your target market. You can show yourself as an authority in your niche, and have people asking you for information, or wanting to buy the things you are selling.

Don’t confuse this with hitting people up all day on Facebook messenger and trying to get friendly so you can sell them stuff.


This is just another form of door to door selling which is really underhand and often annoying. If you really want to disturb people in their day to day life all day trying to sell them stuff. Better go door to door yes Dinosaur Marketing as I call it can still work. But is it the best way or does it really generate you passive income from selling to new customers?  While you sleep, while you are sick, while you are on holiday? I don’t think so.


If you are looking a new job to replace the one you quit or wanted to quit, Then hitting up people on Facebook messenger or door to door could be for you. Just prepare to be snubbed if you take this approach with me and a few others.


  1. Listening or taking advice from negative people, this can be devastating to your life and your online business. There will always be some miserable employee or family member who will tell you that you are crazy. That it won’t work, that you need to get a proper job. Crab in a bucket syndrome. If one crab tries to escape from a bucket the others drag it back in. The same goes for people, your wife or girlfriend may be scared of you being a successful entrepreneur, or your husband may be afraid you might make more money than him. There are many reasons why some people will try to discourage you. Fear of loss, fear of the unknown, bad programming jealousy and lots of others. 


If they do not want to support you on your journey brush their advice aside and thank them for their opinion before carrying on with what you are doing anyway.


  1. Laziness lets face it none of us are perfect, but laziness and procrastination are the killers of productivity and success. Those times when you know you need to create a piece of content and share it. But you decide to watch your favorite TV show instead. Putting off that book that you want to write, or that blog post, article, podcast or video or Livestream that you were going to do.


Write down what you have got to do every day and treat it like a job don’t stop until your list of tasks for the day is marked off. Then you can reward yourself with some downtime or a treat. This way you can get the best of both worlds, build an online business that will make you money. And really feel like you deserve it at the same time. Instead of feeling guilty about the things that you didn’t do.


If you are tired of joining network marketing businesses or online businesses and not making any money and are looking for someone to help you set up your own proper online business. 


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20 Things That Will Stop You making Money Online

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