15 Steps To Better Internet Marketing

15 Steps To Better Internet Marketing -When it comes to Internet Marketing people sometimes get lost in a daze online. They start doing something like for example maybe going to their email to get an affiliate link to promote. Ten mins later they are reading through their emails they see the next super hot affiliate marketing course or product in a Facebook link they end up on Facebook they opt in for the free demo software then they end up on the sales page for the coolest latest Internet Marketing product  page. Where the guys are  killing it making $200,000 dollars in 4 weeks on autopilot. The $1997 product has been reduced to $27 a month .  You hit the buy now button before the offer is taken down in 20 mins.  Then you reach another video become an elite member pay $197 Save $1800 from the normal price. You join that.

You click to download your 50,000 Free E-books 500,000 PLR Article pack and 600 Hours of one to one Elite video training. Let me ask you a Question Where THE Fu** Are YOU?  I would say by this stage you probably don’t know… This is typically what most internet marketing newbies go through in fact many people have been marketing online for a few years can spend an average day like this.

Here are 15 Steps To Better Internet Marketing Results

1. Focus on a maximum of 2 websites at a time.
2. Pick a time of day for example 15 mins in the morning and 15 mins in the evening to do your social media IE Facebook, Twitter,Pinterest,Linked In ETC.
3. Decide on at least 3 moneymaking activities to do every day.
We are not talking about sending messages or posting pictures to your Facebook friends. We are talking about setting up a PPC, Facebook, Or You Tube Paid Campaign, Setting up a Paid Media Campaign. Sending an email to your list with an affiliate offer or something free with an immediate or later upsell from yourself or another marketer. Posting a link to a product or capture page on Facebook on a classified Ads Site. Anything that can or will produce money or leads for you in the short or long term.
4. Make some you tube videos spread them across different you tube accounts and make sure the you tube accounts do not all promote the same webpage as you tube can be trigger happy about deleting your you tube accounts and if they all promote the same url on all the accounts the accounts are all likely to be deleted instead of one or two so advertise different urls on different accounts :-(.
5. Don’t become dependent on any one marketing method. EG. Twitter,Facebook,You Tube,Google SEO,Google PPC,Facebook Paid ADS. If all your traffic comes from twitter and your account gets deleted your income will dissapear instantly. The same if you depend on Google SEO Etc I had a friend who depended on Google traffic his income went from $48k Per month to Zero when Google did the Panda update. So make sure you have at least 5 ways to drive traffic minimum..
6. Buy Keyword Phrase Domains if you are looking for 1st page ranking buy the keyword. For example if you are selling a 6 Bedroom house in edinburgh buy the domain www.6bedroomhouseinedinburgh.com
7. Go after a large competitive market don’t just pick tiny niche sites if weight loss is a 6 trillion dollar market why would you avoid advertising a product in this market it’s madness The reason it is competitive is because people are making a fortune in it follow the money as well as the doing what you like niches..
8.Buy an Autoresponder starting from day one and start building a list putting it of will cost you money.
9. Add a ping list into your writing settings in your wordpress blog to ping multiple websites when you make a post.
10. Make sure you change your permalinks to postname under custom setting when you create a new wordpress blog or website.
11. Ad some adsense ads to the pages on your website’s people will be leaving your sites it is better you get paid when they leave than go empty handed. 🙂
12. Make sticky content that people find interesting and want to share with their friends and family more traffic = More optins and conversions giving you more money …
13. Be individual if you want to stand out be different I hear people say do what I do maybe you can do some of the things. But I think it is important to stand out from everyone else if you want to be on top of your game..
14. Me time spend some quiet time every day on your own just thinking so you can create new ideas and marketing strategies.
15. Be persistent decide to just do it keep on doing it until you die persistence seperates the successful from the unsuccessful people ..

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