$1400 Dollar Day While I Cooked The Dinner

$1400 Dollar Day While I Cooked The Dinner

I was cooking a curry this evening for my sons and I arrived upstairs and discovered that I had made over $1400 Dollars while I was cooking the dinner. Someone in my downline today went all In and bought all the products for a $2000 dollar discount lucky him.. 🙂

The  sale although brought in by one my top ninja team Jedi Masters Matthew Armstrong. Actually passed up to me it was a complete surprise to me as I had no idea that I was due to get a pass up. Never mind getting one while I was cooking the dinner.

This is not a one off for me it is something that happens for me regularly in my online business, the thing is you can continue doing what you are doing and expect a different result. Or you can do what I did try something different 😉

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$1400 Dollar Day While I Cooked The Dinner

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