12 Tips To Get More Twitter Followers

12 Tips To Get More Twitter Followers

  1. Don’t be an Egg Head.
  2. Don’t follow Egg Heads on Twitter
  3. Keep your Twitter profile interesting
  4. Don’t sell to your Twitter followers on 1st contact, this is a big no no.
  5. Reply, this might shock some people as there is so much automation on Twitter.  Contact with a real person makes a refreshing change.
  6. Tweet great content to your followers.
  7. Use the 25% Rule of Tweeting (Explained in the video above)
  8. Retweet great content (The Tweeters will love you for it too.)
  9. Follow the famous..
  10. Follow people in your niche who would be interested in what you do or have a need for that product or service.
  11. Get trimmed occasionally
  12. Advertise your Twitter url  Follow me on Twitter  http://www.twitter.com/sotiris1


12 Tips To Get More Twitter Followers

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