12 Mistakes People Make When Getting A Blog Or Website

12 Mistakes People Make When Getting A Blog Or Website

Sometimes it can be a lot easier to learn from mistakes than figuring certain things out for yourself, it can also work out an awful lot faster as well. So if you would like to save years figuring out what does and doesn’t work when setting up an online business the words of wisdom below could help you a lot.

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12 Mistakes People Make When Getting A Blog Or Website

  1. Listening to advice from other newbies or people who have little to no knowledge about making money on their blogs or website.
  2. Getting middlemen who contract with other people to build your blog or website, often the middlemen have no idea about making a blog or website and you end up dealing with them every time that you have a problem.
  3. Not having access to a coach or mentor who has legitimately made money online from a website or blog.
  4. Paying exorbitant prices when setting up a blog or website to hire many experts to do different things instead of learning the basics themselves.
  5. Not actually creating the content needed to draw in your potential readers, subscribers, and customers.
  6. Not actually sharing the content that they have created with enough people.
  7. Getting coders or web designers to make complicated hard to use websites or blogs that they are clueless about how to use them.
  8. Having no understanding of your blog or website means paying high fees every time you need to make even a small change to your writing or content.
  9. Letting website designers have control over your domains, the fact is if you don’t own and control the domain and it’s not registered in your name or your businesses name, then you don’t own the website.
  10. Letting web designers have control of your website and hosting after the initial design and creation phase is over.
  11. Thinking that fancy graphics colours or designs will make you more money, in fact in tests a plain white blog or website outperforms the others.
  12. Not having a call to action or anything people can do to actually benefit you as a website owner or blogger.

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12 Mistakes People Make When Getting A Blog Or Website

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