100 Day Video Challenge (How To Upload 500 Videos in 100 Days (No Wussies Allowed)

100 Day Video Challenge (How To Upload 500 Videos in 100 Days (No Wussies Allowed)

Time to get ready for our New 100 Day Challenge I just did a hangout yesterday with one of my team, and last week we decided to do a 7 day 30 video challenge.. Surprisingly I managed to do the thirty videos in 1 and a half days.. But tonight we decided to take it to a new level when Matthew suggested doing a 500 Video challenge in the next hundred days. It has been decided on our team hangout tonight so that should keep me busy for sure.. I have never undertaken a video challenge like this one before but either way, 500 Videos will make or break me lol…

100 Day Video Challenge (500 videos in 100 days)

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I know in the past I have had a lot of Wussies on my team, the great thing about a challenge like this is it will separate the Wussies from the action takers. there will be a lot of people scared off by this but that just shows how badly they want success. The people who really want and are willing to do what it takes to make money online will take up this challenge.

Sometimes I hear people say things to me like it’s okay for you you have a list or you make money online.. But the bottom line is you need to do something to get it like I did and if you are not willing to do it. If you are willing to quit on your business so easily you don’t deserve success.
Success comes to people who take action steps. The people who refuse to quit, The people who listen to all the non-believers, and ones who are looking for an excuse to quit will not get success.. Or even worse still they will have the success they deserve, remember the only way to lose is quit or die trying.. I prefer the second option. What about you..

If you haven’t watched last night’s team hangout you can visit it by clicking on the link below and also joining our hangout notification list.

If You Are Ready To Do The Challenge Post Your Comments Below To Let Us Know That You Are Committed To Do It..

If not find something else that you are committed to and do it… Because without any action nothing will change in your business…


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100 Day Video Challenge (How To Upload 500 Videos in 100 Days (No Wussies Allowed)


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