10 Ways To Know Your Which Of Your Facebook Friends Are From Ghana

10 Ways To Know Your Which Of Your Facebook Friends Are From Ghana

  1. When they hit you up on Facebook messenger they call you dear.
  2. The first two pictures are two Ghanian men in a shantytown and then the rest are pictures of supermodels trolled off the internet.
  3. They want to send you a million dollars and need your account details to transfer it and the $1000 postage fees.
  4. They want you to log in to PayPal from their link to send you some money.
  5. Their profile appears to be written by a top-rated academical professor.
  6. The pictures on their profile apart from the trolled supermodel pics are second to none.
  7. John Smith is normally down as a female and has a female profile pic.
  8. Lisa Luvley has some pretty erotic pics and has themselves down as a him (Male).
  9. Meet Anton LOL my latest friend request Another Male posing as a female
  10. They offer to send you 1 million pounds worth of Gold but need you to Paypal them $1000 on Paypal for postage first. 


When it comes to friend requests on Facebook there are lots of sharks scammers and fake accounts out there be careful . 

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