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Who Are The Successful People In Empower Network

Who Are The Successful People In Empower Network

Today I want to talk about who are the successful people in Empower Network. Now before I get started I am not going to mention everyone who is or was successful. What I do want to talk about and what will be the most beneficial thing to you is if I talk about the reasons why people achieve great success and others don’t.

Let me just say before I go  any further,  I am very grateful to Dave Wood And Dave Sharpe for the system they have given us and all the information trainings and heart that they  put into this business.  For me to be able to earn the money I have and also members on my team to be able to make money after losing money using many other products and systems before .Me and I am sure thousands of other people will be eternally grateful to the two Dave’s.


I, along with a small percentage of others know about the journey of Empower Network and how and why it got to be what it is today..

It all started off with a small room of people who followed Dave And Daves dream to be able to setup a online business where people could run a business and be able to have a life at the same time.  A business where the affiliates could get 100% of the commissions and do not make silly 1% 3% or 10 Per cent commissions like the way Amazon pays it’s affiliates.

I did not know about Empower Network at the very beginning as I had not joined then, but I have heard a few of the leaders tell their story.  The one thing all these people had in common was they believed in David Wood And David Sharpe and Empower Network.  When EN had just started  Paypal Shut Down Their account,  Yes they basically shut EN down, no way to make payments was like putting a grocery shop out of business. Sorry, you can’t use cash or credit cards anymore.

Even though many of the leaders were getting no money,  Yes, there was no way to take payments, but the leaders kept on enrolling new members they kept on marketing, such was their belief in their  Founders business and the dream. That even after something like 8 weeks with no money they were still running the business.   The funny thing is when Dave And Dave actually started the business and signed up the first members by arranging a meeting there was not even a website.

Eventually they got another payment processor and after a lot of hiccups took Empower Network to a 200,000 Plus Member Signups.

This was the old sales video I watched when  I first joined Empower Network..


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Click Here To Join Now


Yes the video was on one my mentors blog posts, I clicked on the capture page I entered my email watched this video and decided to join, it just made sense.

For a few months I messed around as I had another 650 websites at the time running and managing them didn’t leave me a lot of time to market my EN Business.
I think I signed up about three members I was making about $75 a month and then one day I saw a picture of my mentor on Facebook holding a $27,000 Empower Network Cheque.

It was at this stage I figured out I needed to do exactly what he was doing if I wanted to achieve these type of results in the business.

I was told the most important thing was to GO ALL IN and buy all the products..

So I made the decision to buy all the products in the next two weeks and  even though I didn’t think I had the money to do it at the time. As if by magic the money appeared in the bank.

And within two weeks I had purchased all the products..

Once I had purchased all the products I now realised instead of making $25 Commissions I could Make 100$ ,$500 And $1000 Commissions as well.

Talk about excited I remember one of my first $1000 commissions came one night when I was walking along the beach with my kids and I came home to this email


Congratulations Sotiris!

You just referred the following person to The $15K Per Month Formula:

Name: Raymond Mullins, raydumonde@gmail.com

You should take a moment, and welcome your new member.

Sotiris Bassakaropoulos, ultimatewebdomination@gmail.com

Passing up sales is the most badass part of Empower Network.


He he he…

because if you do what’s in video #9 in the 15k Formula, eventually you’ll reach a point (like I have) where you receive three to ten times the passups, that you pass up.

Read that twice.

(it gets pretty ridiculous)

In other words – by passing up a sale, you’ve just proven that you can get passups, unlimited levels down, through an army of thousands of people earning $1,000 daily.

It works.

YOU are a badass.

Let’s rock this – the next $1,000 commission goes to you.

Here’s your link to share to get more sales, daily: Your site is: http://www.empowernetwork.com/almostasecret.php?=sotiris1

  • Share that link now, and we’ll help you make more money, than you’ve ever made in your life.

Keep up the GREAT work!

David Wood “The Guru Slayer”

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Empower Network is dedicated to customer support, and solving your problems. If you experience any technical issues with our system, compensation plan, or have a billing question – please put in a support ticket here:



Emails like this kept coming I got $1000 commissions from people I never met in Australia while I slept.

$3000 Commissions from People all around the world including A Fireman in New Jersey I never met before.

What was the one thing that seperated me from a lot of other people .

I believed in this 1000% the way I still do till this day..

Many people joined and had doubts put little or no effort didn’t buy all the trainings or products.

In fact, I saw lots of whiners floating around forums moaning, I joined EN never made any money that is a scam and all that crap.

Unfortunately, I never saw one person whining who went  all in had the belief and took the actions went to all the live events.


The fact is if you don’t believe it works or have any doubts, don’t join because your negative thoughts will attract failure to you for sure..

Tracey Walker In The Video Above Showing 50,000 Earnings in the Video above has got her Million Dollar Ring

Lawrence Tam  – Million Dollar ring

Aaron Rashin Million Dollar Ring  And Many Many More who had the beliefs did what they where told and attended the events are now Million Dollar ring earners, yes they made over a million dollars in commissions.

In total there are over  over 14 Million Dollar Earners so far.

They have paid over 160,000,000 Dollars to affiliates in commissions in three years in the next three years the target is to pay out

1 Billion Dollars in Affiliate Commissions

Question Is Are You Gonna Be One Of The Whiners Or Believers?


I want to be honest with you there are so many people who have joined this business and quit without doing a damn thing.

Not Even Their First Blogpost.

There Were A Few Who Worked For A Couple Of Weeks Got A Few Signups And Quit Because They Where Lazy Or Uncommitted.

There were people who where so busy whining and complaining they never had the time to do any marketing.. 

There Were Other People Who Didn’t Commit Fast Enough To Get All In And Lost $6000 Dollars in Commissions In A couple of days .

There Were People Who Left And Came Back After Realising there is nothing else like this business or community anywhere in the world..

There Is Nowhere else where you will get all these world class trainings and access to such a likeminded community of Entrepreneurs..


It makes me feel so bad when I think of the possibility people have with this business and they just don’t do it..

1. Giving up on their freedom to work a shitty job.

2. Giving up on their life to some other person who pays them to make his business dreams come true.

3. To take orders day to day and be sold on an hourly basis without the Freedom to do what you want when you want with who you want.

4. Be told when to go to the toilet

5. Be told when they can go on holiday

6. And worst of all this is what you are worth $$$$$ Per Hour


Quitting on this business is not something that ever occurred to me as in my eyes these people are fucking insane….. 

But this might not be for you ?

You could be lazy ?

You Might Like Being Told What To Do?

Maybe you are brainwashed to look for a job, who knows?


You can make money or Excuses, but you cannot make both..  


So are you going to leave this page and go back to doing what you did before and hope for something to change?


Einstein Called It Insanity Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again And Expecting A Different Result

Maybe you think it is normality?


Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for my income  I do not do normal…

I do not want average results my family and I deserve better what about you?


Right Now Empower Network Is In The Middle Of A Relaunch..

In the next few weeks there is going to be a new Empower Network WP blog platform launched called Kalatu.

Recently commissions where changed to 70% to allow for massive changes on the blog including 5 New Languages and multi lingual marketing apps for Empower Network.

This Is Your Big Chance To Be Part Of A Billion Dollar Company


There are three things you need to have at the same time  to be successful.


1. Opportunity – The Right Business At The Right Time 

2. Preparation – Being ready 


3. Take Action – Do what you need to do right now


We also can offer you the latest developed,Digital Marketing Franchise System To Help You To Market Your Empower Network Business.


What Are People Saying About This System 


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My Results Are Not Typical

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But Here Is A Screenshot Below From My Backoffice In This System





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Who Are The Successful People In Empower Network

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