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New Changes On Fiverr – Mutual Cancellations Will Not Affect Your Fiverr Rating

New Changes On Fiverr – Mutual Cancellations Will Not Affect Your Fiverr Rating

Do mutual cancellations effect Fiverr Ratings- this has been a very regular questions asked by people on Fiverr. If you are a seller on Fiverr and have reached a specific seller status you do not want to damage it. Up until now mutual cancellations on Fiverr did affect your seller ratings.  The Good News Is As From Now On It No Longer Does Affect Your Seller Ratings. 


It might seem to many an unlikely method for creating an income, but Fiverr can help fund your business and pay your expenses like hosting,domains, internet marketing tools and some people even make a really good living from it .  All you need to do is list some Gigs on Fiverr as long as they are things that people are willing to pay for you will eventually start getting some orders.

Sometimes you may get an offer to promote or advertise something that just goes against your way of thinking.  And up until now cancelling orders mutually for these reasons could have affected your seller rating.  But now that they no longer do I think it is much better and also a lot fairer as well.

If you are just starting out online and haven’t made any money yet Fiverr can also be a great way to start generating an online income for yourself. The most important thing is to try to overdeliver to your customers, keep them happy and your ratings will improve.

As your Fiverr ratings improve you can offer upsells or extras so instead of making $5 an order you could make $10,$20,$40,$50,or even $100.

Registering On Fiverr is 100% Free as well 

If you are looking for more information on the new changes to Fiverr Mutual Cancellations you can see then by visiting the Fiverr Blog

If you have any other questions feel free to ask Me via the contact me form or the Ask Sotiris Button..  🙂


So Feel Free To Chill Out By The Sea While Your Fiverr Orders Come In On Autopilot 🙂 

Sunset On The Beach


New Changes On Fiverr – Mutual Cancellations Will Not Affect Your Fiverr Rating

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