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Bitcoin Cryptocurrency: Create Residual Income With Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency: Create Residual Income With Bitcoin 

Would you like to put your money to work earning faster than any other method? With your standard bank you might earn 1% per year, there is now a way where you can earn as much as 1% per day.

Bitcoin multi-level marketing is among the latest trends that are still left untapped by the masses. 

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency: Create Residual Income With Bitcoin

There have been many companies that promote cryptocurrencies via network marketing. One name stands out with a better platform than the rest: USI-Tech (automated trading software company).

USI-Tech has opened the world of high finance to anyone who would like to see growing profits. They combined trading with direct marketing to create profits like you could not have anticipated before. Profit from trading is merged with referral marketing (MLM) creating a unique compensation plan. It’s a completely new way of making money. You can do one or both and still make money.

Cryptocurrency trading is taking the world by storm. Combined with the power of network marketing, you have a “perfect storm” for creating wealth for years to come.

How Do You Make Money With USI-Tech

As an investor, what you need to know is that mining cryptocurrencies can be profitable. In theory you can let your investment increase passively, letting the USI-Tech software do its thing. Another option is their bitcoin package, which grows at a fantastic rate of 40% every six months. Plus if you reinvest your daily profit back into bitcoin packages, you would likely create a higher rate of return.

The Direct Marketing Plan (MLM)

Another way to potentially earn income with USI-Tech is from their MLM referral system. USI-Tech has an advantage over most other MLM companies because there is absolutely no cost to join. Plus it is possible to earn income without purchasing the product yourself. You will receive 10% of anyone you personally sponsor (level 1), when they buy bitcoin packages.

For levels 2-12 you will need to have 12 active bitcoin packages. Each bitcoin package cost 50 Euros (about $60). You don’t have to purchase then all at once, and you can use your commission to reinvest in bitcoin. When you register with the company see complete details of the compensation plan.

With USI-Tech there is no requirement to buy product every month if you don’t want or need to!

Also if you only refer one person and they only buy one bitcoin package, you will receive a commission. You can build a steady and rock solid passive (residual) income with the bitcoin package program and compound interest effect from USI-Tech.

Reminder: never invest more than you can afford to lose, and do your own research before investing. From my point of view, it would be hard to lose money with USI-Tech, but that doesn’t mean you are going to be a millionaire either.

Don’t hop onto the latest Bitcoin MLM until you check this out

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