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5 Ways To Make Money From Your Website Or Blog


5 Ways To Make Money From Your Website Or Blog


When it comes to making money from your blog and website there are hundreds of different ways to do it.


There is no point in going into all of them as there are a few simple things you can do to get started .


1. Sell Your Own Products and Services .   For this I recommend you have a good shopping cart Click Here

2.  Become an affiliate for  products or services that will pay you a percentage of each sale everytime someone buys their product or service from your link

3. Sell banner advertising on your blogs or website once it gets established and has a lot of unique original content posted on it.

4. Sell advertising to content networks like Google Adsense etc..

5. Charge people for sponsored posts on your blog with a link back to their website.


If you haven’t yet started your own website or blog I can help you get started for more information just go to BusinessBlogsSetup.com


5 Ways To Make Money From Your Website Or Blog


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